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Early Orientation & ACE

Early Orientation & Advance Credit Exams (ACE) is designed for students with high academic achievement. This program offers you the option of earning college credit at UL Lafayette through ACE testing, as well as learning about opportunities through the Honors Program. All students, whether they choose to take part in ACE testing or not, will go through the New Student Early Orientation program.

Orientation Dates

Orientation Dates Exam Registration
TBA Registration for exams takes place in conjunction with Orientation registration.

Eligibility Requirements

Early Orientation & ACE Testing is only open to students who meet ONE of the following requirements:

For students having taken the ACT Exam:

  • Earned Composite ACT of 26
  • Earned ACT Math of 26 
  • Earned ACT English of 28 
  • Earned ACT Science of 28

For students having taken the SAT Exam:

  • Earned SAT Composite of 1230
  • Earned SAT Math of 610 
  • Earned SAT English (ERW) of 640

2021 Early Orientation Advance Credit Exam Schedule

We offer opportunities for students to take an Advance Credit Exam during our Early Orientation program. Registration for these exams takes place in conjunction with Orientation registration. Please check your email AFTER registering for Early Orientation for details about registration for Advanced Credit Exams.

Students taking Advance Credit Exams during our Early Orientation Program are required to participate in the Orientation portion of the program. Students unable to attend Early Orientation will have the opportunity to take an ACE exam during the summer. Click here for additional ACE dates and times.

The schedule of exams for the 2021 Early Orientation Program will be available in February 2021. Students can take up to 3 exams, pending eligibility and offering.

ACE Eligibility Requirements & Credit Earned Round Number/Date/Time

English ACT 32

Earn up to 3 credit hours - ENGL 102

English is not a timed exam, but a portfolio review. Click here to download the PDF with details.

This portfolio is NOT due by the time you attend Early Orientation. If you earn credit after registering for classes at orientation, you can adjust your schedule (through the first 5 days of classes).


1 year of High School Chemistry (Intended for Science and Engineering Majors)

Earn up to 6 hours - CHEM 107, CHEM 108


Computer Science

Math ACT 28 or higher (SAT Math 660+)
AND knowledge of C++, Java or Python

Earn up to 3 hours - CMPS 150



Math ACT of 26 to 29 (SAT Math 610-680)
AND have never taken a collegiate math course.

Earn up to 6 hours - MATH 109, MATH 110

You may not need to take this exam! Click here for details.


Modern Language (French, Spanish, German)

Non-native speaker

Earn up to 13 credit hours -
FREN 101, 102, 201, 202;
SPAN 101, 102, 201, 202;
GERM 101, 102, 201, 202



Mathematics Placement

Course placement into mathematics is based on ACT and SAT subscores.

  • Students with an ACT Math of 25, 26 or 27 (SAT Math 590-640) earn credit for MATH 105 - Applied College Algebra.
  • Students with an ACT Math of 28 or 29 (SAT Math 660-680) earn credit for MATH 109 - Pre-Calculus Algebra.
  • Students with an ACT Math of 30+ (SAT Math 700+) earn credit for MATH 109 & MATH 110 - Pre-Calculus Algebra & Pre-Calculus Trigonometry and Function Theory

The Mathematics Advance Credit Exam allows a student to earn up to 6 credit hours in MATH 109 & MATH 110, therefore students with a Math ACT of 30+ (SAT Math 700+) should not take this exam as they have already earned this credit.

Credit by Other Means

UL Lafayette awards credit to students earning AP, CLEP and Military Credit, etc. View the Registrar's Office Credit by Other Means website for more information.

Orientation Registration

Freshman Orientation registration is not yet available! Orientation packets are typically mailed to students admitted for the Fall semester in late February, 2021.

Orientation Fee

The fee for Freshman Orientation is $125.00 and includes program implementation, all printed materials, a Ragin' Cajun spirit t-shirt, lanyard, pen and bag. Your Orientation fee must be paid online via ULink before attending orientation. Click here for payment instructions.


Driving Directions and Parking

Parking instructions will be available in late March, 2021.

Orientation Check In Time & Location  

Check in times vary for students depending on their testing schedule. Please consult the chart below to determine the best time for your check-in based on your testing schedule (Campus Map).

If you are: Check In Check In Location

Beginning testing in Round 1


Beginning testing in Round 2



Beginning testing in Round 3


All students attending Early Orientation 



Attending Parent Orientation



Excuse Letters

Students needing an excuse letter for missing school activities or other obligations can pick one up during Orientation check-out on Friday afternoon.

Orientation Housing

Overnight accommodations are not available on campus during Early Orientation & ACE. Students & Parents attending this session should view the local hotel information and rates on our website.

Orientation Length

Advanced Credit Exams Rounds 1-3:
Check-in depends on your test schedule (see times above).
The day will conclude after completion of your last exam.

Day 1 of Orientation:
Check-in from: TBA
The day will conclude at: TBA

Day 2 of Orientation:
Check-in at: TBA
The day will conclude after you complete course registration.

Students are REQUIRED to participate in the FULL DURATION of Orientation activities (with the exception of Advanced Credit Exam Day). Those arriving late or leaving early will be required to reschedule to another orientation session.

IMPORTANT: If you have school or extracurricular responsibilites that will prevent you from being present through the entire orientation, then please schedule another one of our available orientation dates. 

Schedule of Events

The schedule of events will be available in late March, 2021.

A printed copy will be provided at check-in.

What to bring to Orientation

  • Your University Username (ULID) and password. You will find your username on your orientation welcome letter mailed in your orientation packet.              
  • Copy of transcripts if you received college credit at another college/university through dual enrollment (MANDATORY for your advising session) 
  • Your completed immunization form (REQUIRED to be cleared for course registration).
  • Financial Aid Paperwork (if meeting with a financial aid counselor, varies by student)
  • A driver’s license or another form of photo ID (necessary for your Cajun Card and Advanced Credit Exams)                            
  • Umbrella or Poncho (in case of rain) 
  • A good attitude and willingness to learn!

What to bring if you are taking an Advanced Credit Exam

  • A current picture ID (driver’s license, school ID, passport) will be required at check-in and at each testing session
  • Pens and #2 Pencils
  • If taking the Mathematics Advanced Credit Exam, bring a graphic or scientific calculator (no QWERTY or CAS models allowed)
  • If taking the Chemistry Advanced Credit Exam, bring a non-programmable scientific calculator