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Benefits & Cost

Benefits of attending SOUL Camp

Students who attend SOUL Camp are armed with the additional tools that assist in a successful transition to UL Lafayette. Some of these include:

  • Friends and current student mentors
  • Greater understanding of campus involvement activities
  • Knowledge of campus traditions & history
  • Familiarity with the city of Lafayette & the Acadiana area
  • Appreciation of community service 
  • Appreciation for campus diversity
  • Personal leadership plan

Additionally, students who attend SOUL Camp have a greater likelihood of being engaged, performing better academically, and have higher rates of retention and graduation.  Did you know:

  • SOUL Camp attendees stay enrolled at UL Lafayette at a higher rate than non-SOUL Camp attendees (94.12% vs 85.57% to the second semester)
  • SOUL Camp attendees earn higher GPAs than non-SOUL Camp attendees (3.51 vs 3.36 for the first semester)
  • SOUL Camp attendees earn more academic credits their first year than non-SOUL Camp attendees (~38 vs ~36 after two semesters)

*statistics from incoming class of Fall 2020

Camp Cost

SOUL Camp costs $200.00 which includes program facilitation, lodging, meals, transportation, 2 camp t-shirts, camp bag, and a water bottle.

Fee Assistance

We have a limited number of SOUL Camp Fee Assistance opportunities available. The Fee Assistance will cover $150.00 of the cost of SOUL Camp and the student is responsible for paying the remaining $50.00.

These opportunities are only available to students who are eligible to receive a Pell Grant. Students must be admitted to UL Lafayette and have a fully completed 2024-2025 FAFSA in order determine Pell Grant eligibility. Students will be selected to receive a Fee Waiver after they have completed the application and sent their FAFSA to UL Lafayette.

Apply for a Fee Waiver here. You will need to log in with your and password.